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* Note: This application may not be compatible with your device, we apologize for the delay, we are trying to get Marco Polo to work on all devices.
Please do not give us 1 star if you have the device Not supported, It will be supported, watch for updates SoonWe have ads for fund development so we can support Your device Even better

# 1 In the utility application 54 countries! Overall # 1 top app 21 countries! Featuring: Gizmodo, CNET, Popular Science, Business Insider and much more!

Ever lost your phone or tablet?

Whether it’s under your bed or behind the couch or hidden in a pile of dirty clothes, Marco Polo It will help you find it!

Just shout Marco! And your device will respond Polo!

Set your own trigger sound
Response Customize Feedback – Speech / Recording / MP3
Your device works even when your device is silent (al)
Your works even if your device is asleep (not on all devices)
Set the time limit for the app application to save battery
Push the notification alert
If the set volume boost is set low
Quickly pause and close the application from the Notification Center
All works on all Android 4.0+ devices
Light weight

Some devices may take up to 5 minutes to respond the first time, we are working with Google to fix this
Some devices receive false alarms – if they do, use a long trigger sound like this “Macaroni and Cheese” Or adjust sensitivity
Some devices filter sounds from different angles and do not work very far
Ogn recognized pronunciation, currently only in the US

* Do not hesitate Contact at [email protected]

Privacy and requirements
Go Find Marco does not require Wi-Fi or cellular data. All voice processing is done on your device and it is never sent or saved – nothing leaves your device

What’s new?

Thanks for the huge support! We’ve rebuilt Marco Polo from Greek Up and now it’s better than ever for your great suggestions – keep the feedback rolling and you can implement it in the next version

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