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LSApp APK Download

LSApp APK Download
LSApp is a free application, conceptualized and designed by Vanesa Barán, with the aim of improving the quality of life of Deaf people, facilitating the learning of the Sign Language Argentina (LSA). For the realization of this contribution to society, received support from Posibillian Tech for computer development, Florence Roth in the design as well as the support of ASO (Argentine Association of the Deaf) in the validation of the signs and user experience.

1. Sign Finder, which passes from Spanish to LSA.
2. Game to facilitate the practice of LSA.
3. Tips to communicate properly with Deaf people.

LSApp is simple and does not need Internet to be used. Once the application is downloaded to your device, you simply use it when you need it.

Why LSApp?
When relating to Deaf people who communicate with a sign language in Argentina, it should be remembered that their primary and natural language is LSA. These people can know other alternative means of communication, such as reading the lips of someone who speaks Spanish, but their natural language will always be LSA, so LSApp allows better communication, providing social inclusion to Deaf people.

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