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With Lilo, your searches fund social and environmental projects at no cost. Lilo gives 50% of its revenue to your favorite projects! Each Lilo Query provides you a token, displayed as a drop of water. At any time, you can choose to donate this drop of water to one or more organizations. Lilo then converts this drop of water into money and transfers it to bodies. These organizations are easily accessible on Lilo’s home page and search results page.

Lilo funds dozens of organizations involved in social and vocational integration, access to care, the circular economy, climate change prevention and education, rehabilitation, sustainable agriculture and access to sports. We try to add weekly extra additions.

Lilo works like any popular search engine: you type keywords and Lilo matches the results. Our algorithm – it depends on the results of the major search engines – ensures that relevant results appear first.

Lilo tries to offset his environmental impact. A donation of 5% of Lilo’s income goes to the Good Planet Foundation to offset its carbon emissions, approved by a Gold Standard.

Join Lilo today and make a difference!

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