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Kick is an application that lets you communicate with your friends, messages, photos, videos or chats. Kick Messenger allows you to video chat. An amazing feature of this is that if you are a developer, Kick has open source tools that will help you create a great experience in the application.

Like other similar applications such as Messenger or WhatsApp, Groups can also be created. You can join groups of your choice and the number of users in each group cannot be limited. One of the features of this application is its free advertising. Just like that Facebook, Kick Messenger also has an integrated web browser that lets you open any web-link without the app.

Kickstarter has a simple interface and a simple registration process that does not require a phone number. The only downside is that it has a small video screen and No hashtags (Enough now!). Kick is not just a messaging app; It’s much more than that. Kick the easiest way to find new friends as well as connect with your other friends. Stay in the loop for exciting stories and browse the net and all of these via chat. Phone number not required; You must choose a unique username of your choice.


Some of the features of this app are as follows

  • Allows the user to chat with anyone or chat in random groups.
  • Share your photos, videos as well as GIFs and games with Kick now.
  • Explore and meet new people who share your interests.

This messenger app has about 300 million registered users and 40% use it in the United States. The main reason for the popularity of the Kick app is the lack of phone number requirements. With a username instead of a phone number, you will not automatically share personal information with others – Chat on Kick Your partner will only see your display name, username and profile picture.

On Kick, your chat partners will only see your display name, username and profile picture. They won’t be able to see your email address, phone number, or birthday, but everyone in the Kickgroup will see your username. Kick allows users to send messages to their friends with everything from photos and videos to GIFs and emojis.

Other kick features

  • Users will see the person you’re chatting with whenever they type a message directly. Users will see any messages you send when they are read by the recipient, even if they have not yet responded or started typing.
  • When you send and receive messages, you are notified when they are sent and delivered. You can choose to customize your notification words and receive them instantly.
  • Invite your acquaintances via SMS text, email or social networks like Facebook and Twitter. When a friend signs up with their phone number or email that you have already saved on your phone, Kick acknowledges that you send a notification to connect both the friend and you.
  • Each user has a code that can be accessed from their settings. To add a user to their kick code, tap the search icon, then tap Find People, then Scan a Kick Code.
  • You’re not limited to just sending text messages with Kickstarter. You can send photos, GIFs, videos, sketches, emojis and much more
  • Kick gives us the ability to have a real-time video chat with friends.
  • Chat customization is easy. You can choose what color you want for your chat bubbles.
  • You can start your own group chat by tapping it sYork icon, tap Start a group and then add users to your group.
  • Choose whether you want Kick to access your address book to match your contacts. You can block users from communicating.

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