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Help Barry Stickfries on the Limited Unlimited Jetpack Joyride – through an uninterrupted platform of oncoming obstacles. Automatically moving forward and all you have to do is press and hold the screen to move upwards and let go down. Coins can be collected in a way that can be used to unlock features like skins, jet packs and special power-ups.

The fruit is coming from the same developing team as the ninja. Half Brick Studios launched the game in 2011 as a side-scrolling game. In Jetpack Joyride, players try to escape from a laboratory by stealing a specialized jetpack that fires and drives itself. The stolen bit is part of the initial story and the game begins with the player already equipped with a jetpack.

Gameplay Jetpack Joyride

As an endless runner game, there are many things that will keep you busy while trying to progress through the lab. The basic Jetpack Joyride mechanic is that the jetpack’s thruster will be involved when the screen is pressed. When the throttle stops, gravity kicks Barry to pull him to the lab floor.

There is no control over the X-axis, our Joyrider just moves faster and faster until the game is over. Missed some coins and want to go back? Too bad. The strategy is to learn how to rely on certain obstacles and when to rotate the throttle button in the middle of the screen.

There are only two primary barriers: the electric fence that creates a line and the red lasers that will take over the whole screen. But in fact the part of the field will only be indicated by the thin, caution beam. You also need to dodge the missiles that will be fired across to get the jetpack thief out. An alarm will sound and the trajectory indicator of the missile will highlight the screen making it easier to dodge the missiles.

At first, these are easy to avoid. The coins scattered on the map are equally simple. However, as your progress increases, so does the speed of the game. You get some amazing powerups as well. Everything that happens to an armed stumper will only be destroyed by incoming missiles

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