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Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit APK Download

Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit APK Download

Impressive Hidden Object Camouflage Adventure Game from the creators of Enzymes and Grimm Legends!
Create the best garden company in Europe and recover your stolen wedding rings in a real-time management game: Gardens Inc. 3: Follow a wedding!

Try it for free, then unlock the whole adventure with the game!

Jill and her partner Mike finally decide to tie the knot. Unfortunately, someone stole their wedding bands, which had been left in Jill’s family for many generations. To recover the rings, the couple will travel to the largest cities in Europe. Will the heroes find the legacy of the family? Is their garden business flourishing in the Old Continent? What secrets have been buried in Jill’s past?

Discover the most beautiful places in Europe
Start your journey for the most famous cities of the Old Continent. With 60 hand-painted layers you can discover beautiful landscapes in different se tuts. During your adventure, you will visit cities like Paris, Barcelona, ​​London, Athens and Hamburg.

Over 60 hours of extra fun
Develop your skills in 60 unique levels. Build more than 20 buildings. Use more than 30 varieties of trees. Overcoming about 60 obstacles. Earn 70 challenging successes!

Become an expert
Too many weeds? No problem! With your qualified team, you will work your way through the dense bush, while 8 special skills will allow you to overcome any obstacles.

Outstanding competition
If the standard game isn’t enough for you, you can try your hand at additional levels designed specifically with elements of logic mini-games. Solve puzzles to avoid code breaking and puzzle protection traps or avoid police pursuit as a thief.

European Grow your business in beautiful European cities!
Exciting challenge at Levels 60 levels!
Design a colorful garden for your European clients!
More than 70 challenging successes!
Catch the thief who stole your wedding ring!
Tablets High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones!

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