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The IDO Calculator is a powerful smart calculator with a mixed case for manually customizing your digital life and scientific needs.
Accurate calculation, exact calculation, correct calculation.
New features:
Increase the conversion between degrees and radians to calculate 1 ex.
2 a Increase the conversion of number results into word results for writing a personal check.
3 results Increase copy of results.
Memory cost: 2.6M, start so early.
Applicable events:
-House loan calculation
Calculate the shopping budget
-Dining fee
– All kinds of charges
A calculator in upper elementary mathematics, junior mathematics, senior mathematics.
– Calc programming for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Mathematics and Life Sciences.

Key features of the artist:
-Arithmetic, four basic operations.
Subtraction, addition, multiplication, division
Add, subtract, multiply, divide.
-Trigonometric function. Sin, cos, tan, bed
-Logaridum, Logarithmic Calculate.Log, LG, LN, E.
ln The natural logarithm is the base year logarithm
The terms in the first bracket are evaluated first
-Square route: √4 = 2
Power calculation: 2 ^ 3 = 8
An original curriculum
– Metaphor: 4! = 24, 6! = 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 = 720
-Desimal point: 0.2 + 10.8 = 11
-PI constant, 7
Stores 50 results from history
Accuracy Determination Expressions
No ads , No ads
-1 mode: Standard calculator
-2 mode: Scientific calculator

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