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Grothopia welcomes Android users to one of the world’s most creative sandboxes. The game introduces a 2D platform where any user can be a hero. It introduces a Pixel World Multi Universe with a wonderful opportunity at hand to do the following.

  • Construction
  • Punch
  • Break
  • Increase

Use social media like your friends now with your Grothopia team Facebook To make the mind turn to unique masterpieces and that’s not all, you can fill them in anything you like. The game has no limitations of fun kind and no rules to follow. Grotopia Here is just a 2D world you can create anything you like with anyone you like.


Grotopia introduces the following features.

  • Create something literal, from castles to dungeons and skyrocketing scrapers to puzzles. That’s not all; You can now recreate scenes from your favorite movies.
  • Be part of a diverse community; Grotopia introduces you to different communities that host millions of players across the planet.
  • Have fun playing mini-games; Now enjoy various mini games such as parkour, race and PVP combat.
  • Exploring features; The game features countless worlds for you to explore and have fun there.
  • Unique item Create unique and rare items for yourself now.
  • Cross platform piling options; Play somewhere now. Simply share your progress on the game across any of your mobile devices from a single desktop client.
  • Interesting updates; The game provides exciting new events to play and full monthly updates on items to collect.

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