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Featured as LifeHacker’s Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best Android Apps (, Top 3 Best Root Apps of Android Authority (“Aggressive Dose” and “The On Dose” on Android +++ to maximize battery savings even without the original! (Details explained in settings)

Your phone or tablet will never slow down and become a battery hanger after a lot of applications are installed. With Greeniff, your device can run as smooth and smooth as your first day!

Greenife helps you to uniquely prevent your device from falling behind or leaking battery, to detect and keep abusive apps in hibernation when you’re not actively using them! Even after saving full functionality while running on the front end, they can do nothing but explicitly launch by you or other applications.

Please report bugs in the XDA forum ( or the G + community (

Greenify sometimes does not collect your personal information despite having accessibility service capabilities, taking advantage of it to automate the hibernation method.

Important: Greening an application means that all background functionality (services, periodic tasks, event receivers, alarms, widget updates, push messages) of this application will be removed from the service during hibernation except when you are using this application.

Greenife Alarm Clock apps, instant messaging apps unless you rely on them. Verify the effect of the green application that you rely too much on.

Note: Background running services are not required for self-hibernation in order for Greenife to work. It is designed and implemented using extremely light and almost zero CPU and battery.

=== Permission ===

Device Administrator: This app uses the administrator’s power to turn off the screen immediately after automatic hibernation on rootless devices. Your consent will be explicitly requested only if this permission is required.
Draw another application: The screen is expected to turn off during automatic hibernation.
Disabled Screen Lock & Binding Service: work for automatic hibernation on non-root devices
Get accounts and written sync settings: Control the account sync if applications sync is too frequent.

This application uses accessibility services to automate hibernation.

=== FAQ ===

* Looks like automatic hibernation is not working.
* Some of my Greenify apps (like Google Maps) don’t seem to be hibernating.
* I want to make system applications green!
* No push notifications yet in de-greened applications!
Read here:

=== Translation ===

All translations are created and contributed by community volunteers:

=== Grants ===

If you love Greenwich, please consider the “grant package” ( for additional experimental features:

* Greenify system applications
* In-depth details about how applications behave on your device
* And more

What’s new?

Due to the policy implemented by Google Play, the uninterrupted notification “Greenify is running” will now appear on Android 8.x. If you do not want it, please disable its notification section (long press by pressing the notification to access the settings)

App Analyzer now partially supports Island applications.
Due to the policy implemented by the Play Store, “Do Not Remove Notifications” no longer works on Android 8+. Instead, Greenify provides a navigation plug-in for the same purpose.
Fixed non-route hibernation for applications on the island.

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