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Get the most out of your Android device! Get rid of your navigation bar and learn to appreciate the benefits of gesture-based navigation. There has never been a more natural way to control your smartphone. Let the future begin!

Who can benefit from this application?

. Tech Freaks, which wants to keep the latest features on their devices
People with small hands or huge smartphones find it much easier to extend the navigation bar from the bottom of the screen than from the top.
Broken broken hardware buttoned guy
সমস্যা Using their smartphones with gloves or having trouble touching simple soft keys সেন The sensor area of ​​this application is customizable, so that everyone can find the perfect size.

These gestures are currently available:

Swipe up / left / right
Swap up / left / right and hold
Short swipe up
Short swipe up and hold
Double tap (donation / pro version)
▶ Long tap (donation / pro version)
Double tap and hold (Grant / Pro version)

You can now perform these actions with gestures:

▶ Home
Recent apps
Notifications Notifications
▶ Quick settings
Screen off
. The most recent application
Power dialog (power off, rebooting some devices, etc.)
Multiwindo (Android 7+)
Google Assistant (if installed)
Perform Task Task (Pro, Task Required)
Ume volume action (requires partial pro)
Show information (partially requires pro)
Media control (partially requires pro)
Ight brightness control (partially requires pro)
Other Launch other applications (Pro required)
Al Internal action (hide the bar for a certain period of time, hide the bar until the application is switched – partially pro)
গ্রহণ Take power-off options, screenshots, etc. (root, partially pro)

More to come soon!

To provide the functions mentioned above, applications use the features of Accessibility Services.

Privacy is important to me. This application will not send any personal data to the developer or anyone else.

This application uses the permission of the device administrator. This permission must be granted if you want to use the “lock screen” function.

If you like my app, I’d love to see the Grants / Pro version available in the Playstore.

For more information on how the app works, please see the reviews below:

(Text – Details)

Translation Credits:

Chinese – Zhao Peng
French – Julien Jagi
Japanese – TUVIn5f0
Portuguese – Adalberto Fontelle
Russian – Игорь
Spanish – again mosques

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to translate the app into your language: [email protected]

What’s new?

Major Update 1.3.0

On Twitter I:


– Ignore clicks everywhere (supported devices)
– Subdivision sensor area (supported device)
– Reconstruction Plugins section
– New index and volume actions
– French, Japanese, and Portuguese translations (thanks to Julien Jagi, TUVN5F0, and Adalberto Fontelle!)
– New keyboard mode: “click-accessible” (supported devices)
– Normal on / off switch
– Link the sensor bars to the position of the navigation bar
– Enable lock screen

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