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This unique weather app is something you have never seen! The innovative interface enables you to search for a whole week of forecasts on one screen, visualizing the weather for reading the exclusive map’s swiping action and graphs for forecasting at a glance. With 30+ data types and customizable widgets, Flox is perfect for outdoor adventure, pilot, photographer, sailor, storm chase or planning for your weekly activities.

Unique swipe action: You control a smooth animation of the weather forecast.
Weather at a Glance: See the weather for the whole week on one screen.
Air Streamlines: Animated streamlines indicate wind speed and direction.
Wavefront: Animated wavefronts indicate the direction of the wave.
Data Gallery: With 30+ data types including precipitation, clouds, wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, wave height and many more.
Multiple data sources: NOAA GFS (USA) and CMC GDPS (Canada).
Delta Temp Graph: Compare temperatures during the day for warm and cold fronts.
Resizable widget: Customize your widget for data types and multiple graphs.
Multiple layers: Look at the wind at the top of the rain above any other data type.
Travel mode: Updates wherever you go in the world.
Save locations: You can add anywhere in the world, including global weather data.
Design: Native Android with material design, lighter and darker theme.
Pro version: Choose from an annual subscription or one-off purchase to get 10-day long range forecasts, graph editors and more map styles.

Use the phlox as well as the weather app for your local current conditions for your full forecasting requirements.

Try Phlox today – Visualize the forecast and understand the weather systems, it’s a smart way to plan around the weather.

* Flox was formerly known as Weatherbomb.

What’s new?

Version 2.242 (1 May 2018)
– Blank widgets? Email me.
– When you zoom in, the coastlines merge with the coast. Yes, it bothered me a lot.
– A line on the temperature graph now looks icy. Turn it on in the graph editor.
– The hourly value per inch will now be displayed accurately on the graphs of the graph.
– Fixed index rendering bug fixed.
– Many, many, many bugs fixed.

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