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– If you pull the button, it damages the fish and brings the fish to you.
– If you press the striking pin with tension gauge, you can reduce the great distance between the fish.
– If you leave the challenge fish, you will be able to catch more powerful and more expensive challenge fish next time.
– You can enjoy playing the game without using data as it uses less power and does not require network connection.
– Phishing Hook is a phishing game that you can enjoy just like the real fishing feel.

Game Features
1 16 multi language support
2. Supports acquisition and ranking
3. Supports tablet devices

Recently, the device Galaxy Note 5 Grace UX software has been updated.
Also, we find that the data save / load system from the phishing hook does not work properly.

If your device is a Galaxy Note 5 we know it’s really troublesome, but make sure you disable “automatic recovery”.
Please follow the options below and then click OK to save your changes

1. Press “Settings”
2. Touch “Clouds and Accounts”
3. Press “Backup”
4. “Auto recovery” off




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