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Accelerated Transfer has a simple mission: to offer fast, offline file exchanges across virtually any platform.

Dozens of different operating systems in the world with dozens of different file transfer standards and protocols have flexible solutions for any of your data exchange needs, including fastfill transfer, which is still difficult to transfer files between them.

Ning Lightning Fast: Transfer 1GB in 4 minutes
Send multiple files or entire folders (as zip)
Easy to follow step by step instructions

Wi-Fi from any device and operating system that supports Wi-Fi
Wi No existing WiFi connection required
Works completely offline
• No need to install applications on the receiver
Send multiple files as zip
Receiving Display QR codes for faster retrieval
Use NFC to match Ing
The unique engine was developed specifically for compatibility against a wide range of Android devices
The same send to an unlimited number of devices

Buy the Pro version:
Allow FastFiller Transfer to setup all receipts via the built-in Fast QR Scanner
Devices Get files from devices that do not have FFT installed
Rece recipients can download multiple files with one click (unzipped)
Get rid of ads

Using this application, you can easily send files to one IPhone Or any other phone has no Wi-Fi without Bluetooth.
Will Kelly of TechPublic writes a tutorial on how to quickly transfer files from Android to iOS using File Transfer: -File-Transfer / 6097

How to send multiple files?
Simply select multiple files in your File Explorer and tap “Send via” (or similar) -> “Quick File Transfer”
Some file seekers first tap “Send via” in the menu, select this application and then your files.

I don’t always want to enter the address on the receiver’s phone!
Use only the built-in QR code or NFC support. The Pro version even comes with a built-in QR reader.

The transfer speed that this application provides depends on the sender and the recipient device. For best speed, use WiFi Direct or WiFi Tethering (and check WiFi in the app’s connection mode setting)
Although I have never experienced this before, I do not guarantee data fees by this application.

What’s new?

+ New data picker for easy sorting of files, images, videos and applications
Support shipping from external storage to 5.0 and newer
+ Added support for Android Nougat Multi Window
+ Supports Global Drag and Drop Android Nougat
+ Dynamic port selection should fix issues with recent Samsung Galaxy devices
+ Material design web pages
+ Design revision
+ Bug fixes
Minor improvement

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