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Tired eyes? Hard to focus? Do you need a personal eye doctor? Take a short break and relax your eyes while you maintain your eye health at the same time! With this app you will have your own doctor for eye care!

Like any other muscle in our body, eye muscles need regular exercise to stay healthy and strong. We all know that doing things like swimming, jogging or going to the gym fits our bodies. But did you know that you can practice alongside the human eye? With an eye training or a general vision therapy? Or with this i app?

With this app you will discover how fast and easy it is to improve your vision and save your eye health with your improve-7 minutes of eye training every day! After each training you will feel your eyes refreshed instantly and this can also be effective before the eye test.

Eye Doctor (Eye Trainer) is a very user-friendly application. All you have to do is start training with just one click and the built-in voices will guide you through 12 steps so you can easily complete eye training. Yet there are statistics that indicate the exact method of each step!

If you need to take a break for eye training or interrupt any of your exercises, you can jump to any other step you want.

You can easily share on Facebook when you finish the training!

This i app can be used as a vision trainer or vision therapy to restore vision. You can achieve from the slightest to the most serious of your vision recovery with our vision training that includes carefully selected exercises (such as moving your eyeball). This is your own eye doctor!

This training can also be effective in reducing the symptoms of a number of eye disorders (eye problems) such as myopia (hyperopia), hyperopia (vision), significance or eye straining. This is also effective if you take training before the eye exam (eye examiner).

Tips, warnings and more information about each step are included to help.

Start using eye trainers today! For improved vision and healthy eyes.

The PRO version includes full training such as 9 eye massages, color blindness eye tests or training to reduce the symptoms of many eye disorders. Try it today!

“Health is an asset” – and this is true of eye protection or eye care. The human eye often needs eye treatment, so it is recommended to do vision training (or vision therapy) every day for proper results in improving your vision. The eye muscles should be trained frequently to win back your eyesight (eye test). As you can see, this will be one of the eye games.

About our eyes:

The eyes are the organs that detect light and convert it into electro-chemical transmissions in neurons. The simplest photoreceptor in conscious vision connects to the movement of light. In the case of higher organisms the eye is a complex optical system that collects light from the surrounding environment, controls its intensity through the diaphragm, focuses it on creating a figure through a permanent assembly of the lens, converting the image into a bundle of electrical signals.

Visual acuity or the ability to solve is the “ability to distinguish the finer details” and is the property of cone cells. It is often measured in cycles per degree (CPD), which measures an angular resolution, or how much the eye can distinguish an item in the case of visual angles.

The Eye Handbook can help you with more information about eyes (or eye tracking).

The Pro version is an impressive eye recognition and eye color blindness test with 8 new trainings like the Eye Magic app! An eye quiz with exciting eye illusions will be added later!


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