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Expenditure IQ (formerly Ezimony) Your ultimate money manager app that combines an expense tracker, a budget planner, a checkbook register as well as an integrated bill reminder into one all powerful personal finance app!Expenditure Tracker / Checkbook Articles
Track and manage your daily expenses quickly and easily! Expense Tracker UI is designed to manage one-way and takes a few seconds to enter your personal or business expenses. Attach photos / images to each transaction as needed!

Personal budget planner
Effective budgeting can be fun and easy with a good budget planner. Set monthly budgets for accounts and / or categories and take a look at how well you keep your personal budget out of the health bars described and be alert when you exceed or exceed your budget!

Detailed and interactive reporting
Analyze your spending patterns over time with rich detailed and fully customizable reports.
There are 12 reports available which include: Expenditure by category, monthly cash flow, income vs. expenditure, daily and monthly expenditure and much more …

Integrated bill reminder
Refrain from paying late fees for your bills! Customize your bill reminder and get timely reminders. Ally, take a photo of your bill / invoice to keep a record.

Multiple currency support for accounts
Accounts can be identified in more than 150 currencies with the correct currency symbol and decimal separator. Transfers between accounts in different currencies can be performed in full with live exchange rate support!

Split transactions
Shopping at the supermarket? Expense IQ split transactions allow you to split your expenses into multiple sections on a single large bill for a more accurate representation. Transfers between split transactions when shopping at supermarkets such as Walmart are also supported to accurately represent cash withdrawals.

Cloud synchronization
Cloud Sync via Google Firebase keeps your data backed up securely in the cloud while keeping your financial information in sync between your various data devices so you always have your data!

Homescreen widget
Expense IQ also comes with a handscreen homescreen widget that acts as a shortcut to all the different features. You can quickly add transactions through the homescreen widget.

Full list of smart features:
Account overviews, critical spending reports, reminders of upcoming / discounted (one-time / recurring) bills, smart overview with budget warnings
Trans repeat transactions
Transfer between Between accounts
Detailed and interactive reports with the ability to drill deep
Multiple account / multiple currency support
• Split transactions that are easy to use
Smart Smart Color-Coded Budget Monthly personal budgets with health indicators show you what you’re looking for at a glance!
Integrated checkbook articles
Ce Receipt Capture – Take photos of your bills and receipts
Ure Secure and Private – Offline Backup (to your SD card) or Private Firebase Cloud
Q Import and export to and from popular formats such as QIF and CSV (works with software such as Quicken, Excel)
Cloud sync across different devices
• Phone and tablet-optimized interface
Themes 3 Themes!
Screen Home Screen Widget – Quick integration of entries / transactions and convenient shortcuts
PIN Protect access to the application with a pin lock
30 Supports more than 30 languages!

GET_ACCOUNTS: Get Google Accounts on Device for Cloud Sync
READ / WRITITRECTURALPOPERAGE: For daily backup, save import / export QIF / CSV, attached photos etc.

We are dedicated to the privacy of your data and do not take any of your personal data.

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For support and online support articles, please visit our website: http://www.expense-iq.com

Expenditure IQ Money Manager is proudly brought to you by Handy Apps.

What’s new?

– Reduction permission required
– Multi-screen compatibility with Android 7.0
– Various minor optimizations

– Add favorites
– Adding transaction and bill reminders from repeat items
– Various minor optimizations

It is recommended to make full use of the new iteration management so that all devices are updated to the latest version.

We welcome all feedback and appreciate your patience. Share with us by email [email protected]

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