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English to Bangla Dictionary – Vocabulary – Talk APK Download

English to Bangla Dictionary - Vocabulary - Talk APK Download

Learn Bengali to English and English to Bengali vocabulary and spelling with this T1S English Peak app! We have over 5000 words. You can learn English conversation from our Bengali dictionary to English (or offline Bengali dictionary to English). Stop relying on a text translator or a Bengali English translator to understand English words. Learn English and become proficient in this language through fun activities including English language games now in this app!

Do you need a text translator such as Bengali to English translator, or English to Bengali or English to Bengali dictionary? Join the English language game today, master and learn English through our fun! People can learn best when they have fun and that’s why we create our great app. We hope you understand English texts and movies without using a language translator.

In this modern world, mastering English is increasingly important. If you don’t understand the language well enough and can’t rely on any language translator, you will miss a lot. Download and try for free now!

Features of T1S BENGALI English Vocal and Learn English Conversation Everyone

1. English vocabulary or words. Now play and learn English words. We have 245 levels! By the time you finish all the levels, you will be walking English to Bengali Dictionary or English to Bengali Dictionary! Invite friends so they can play this game too

2. Spell. It is important for you to know the correct spelling so that you can type the words you need, even if you do not have access to spell checkers. This English language game also has 245 levels. When you finish all our levels you will become a true spelling wiz.
Dictionary Learn in-depth vocabulary with our dictionary. We also provide synonyms and synonyms to improve your skills in this language.

3. Learn to speak English. There are various daily conversations in the English language that confuse a lot of non-native English speakers. Learn all about English speaking, when to use them and how to use them with our app. Translation and interpretation will be in Bengali so that you can easily understand it. Learn the structure, read the example and learn the different usage and rules about each tense in English grammar.

4. Challenge your friends to play! We are going to add skills to play against your friend and see who is the best English teacher between the two of you.

Other features of T1S English language game:
1. Learning by playing.
2. Modern application design.
3. Compatible with all Android devices.
4. Download and play for free forever.
5. Free access to all levels, dictionaries and conversations.
Our. Enjoy challenging yourself with our game.
7. Great for kids and adults.

So, learn English words and grammar with us! Play fun English language games to increase your mastery. That text translator, English to Bengali dictionary, English to Bengali dictionary is empty text when you read or watch a movie because you don’t need it anymore!

Learn the meaning of English words better from pronunciation than the vocabulary of Saifur or FM method.

We hope you learn English Vocabulary, English App from T1S Bangla. If you like it, please take a few seconds to leave us a great rating and review. We are also open to suggestions so let us know what you think!

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