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‘Duas and Surah’ is an application where you can get basic information about Islam.
The main categories are Duas and Surahs, Azan, Wadu (Aju), Prayers (Salah), Name of Allah, Pillars of Islam, Pillars of Man, Thicker Counters, Dua Community and Qibla Compass D, Sound and Video.

Also with the help of Thicker counters you can easily create your Thickers everywhere you want.

Prayer time (5 times a day) is also included in the application. Just choose your location and get the times on your device.

Doa Duas
* Atahiyatu
* Allahumma Salli
* Allahumma Barik
* Rabbana Atina
* Rabbanaghfirli
* 1. Kunut
* 2. Kunut
* Amantu

Surahs of Prayer:
* Surah Al-Fil
* Surah Al Quraish
* Surah Ma’an
* Surah Al-Kawthar
* Surah Al-Kafirun
* Surah An-Nasr
* Surah Al-Lahab
* Surah Al-Ikhlas
* Surah Al-Falaq
* Surah An-Nas
* Surah Ayatollah Kursi
* Surah Al-Qadr
* Surah At-Takathur
* Surah Al-Asr
* Surah Al-Humayah
* Surah Amna Rasool
* Surah Ad-Duhah
* Surah Al-Inshirah
* Surah At-Tin
* Surah Al-Alaq
* Surah Al-Bayyina
* Surah Al-Jiljal
* Surah Al Adiyat
* Surah Al-Qariyah
* Surah Al-Hashr
* Surah Ya-seen
* Huwallahuleji (Hashr 22-24)

Prayer Times: Prayer time in your location
* Sunrise
* Smoke
* Asar
* Maghrib
* Ishaha

* What is Azan?
* Dua after Azan
* Azan meaning-pronunciation
* Listen to Azan

* What is Oyu (Oyu)?
* How is Odu made?
* What is the etiquette of ablution?
* Things that invalidate ablution
* Things that do not invalidate Ozu
* What is Ghazal Oyu?
* Ghasal Shukriya and Sunnat
* Makrooh things without Gulu
* How to make Ghasal?
* When is Gasal Fard?
* What is Tayammum?
* For major situations that require tayammum
* Fards and Sunnahs of Tayammum
* How to do tayammum

Prayers (Salah):
* Salat (Salah)
* 5 times
* Nafl prayers
* How to pray
* Types of prayers
* Prayer time
* Rakats of prayers
* Fards of prayers
* Prayer is obligatory
* Sunnat of prayer
* Makrooh of prayers
* Eid prayers
* Funeral prayers
* Tarabeeh prayers
* Qaza prayers
Pray for men
* Prayers for women

Dua Community:
You can also share your prayers with our other users for others.

What’s new?

* Bug fix

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