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Dr. Driving is a car simulation game that puts you behind a car on a busy road. You need to drive carefully while operating the steering wheel. Following traffic rules ensures you are not jumping against another car or side railing. The game is loaded with challenges and there is plenty to explore. Purely for fans who enjoy empty driving games and real-time simulations. Due to the presence of controls on the game screen, it is less confusing and fun.

Game controls that include a steering wheel, a skin and a brake are responsive and easy to use. Driving realistic vehicles in a realistic environment makes the game even more challenging. The game is mission-based where you can earn missions and then upgrade to more expensive and modern cars. You will not see left or right traffic during any turn.

Learn to drive with Dr. Driving

The game provides various steering control options. Such as driving for control, or tilting the phone to control. It has two views of the dashboard and the other is an aerial view. Due to the lack of left and right mirrors it is much easier to drive from the aerial view than the dashboard. The game’s graphics are standard and can be easily managed on a low-end device.

You must follow the directions on the screen which will notify you when you turn left or right and a timer will keep you down clockwise so that you have a few minutes to reach your destination. A wrong move and it will end because it is very easy to hit the median or another car. A game timer moves to the top and you have to finish your tasks and reach the finish line before it ends.

Click on the download button above to start downloading this fun indie style game. Explore other similar games as well Bus simulator And Driving school For a fun driving experience. Let us know how you play this game in the comments section below.

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