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Drastic DS Emulator is a Nintendo Android emulator that lets you play all Nintendo games on your phone. You can play almost all Nintendo games using this emulator. And best of all, you don’t need a root phone to make it work. If you have a standard phone with a minimum of 2 GB RAM, then this app is for you.

This Nintendo emulator offers many features like better game rendering, the ability to apply customization with high-end graphics. It also has the ability to support external hardware controllers. A piece with a cake to save the progress of your game Google Drive Backup And support.

Playing Nintendo games on the Drastic DS emulator

You can also choose different screen layouts depending on the game you’re playing (for example, the game focuses on using one screen where you make the on-screen larger than the other). The controls are operated via on-screen buttons, and the emulator works similarly to your touch screen on the DS so you can tweak and render menu items.

You can quickly switch between different ROMs and play these games with ease. So let’s say you’re playing Advance Wars Double Strike and you want to go to Mario Kart. Just click a button and you will jump games. Both will play smooth and opposite.

To add games to the emulator, you need to download a ROM file directly from your PC via your smartphone. To download a ROM file, simply open a browser and search for the name of the game and add “ROM” at the end. If you want to play Super Mario, just search for Super Mario ROM.

The browser’s search engine will provide the most relative output based on keywords. Once the ROM file is downloaded and saved in your phone’s storage, open the Dustic DS emulator and it should automatically search for the downloaded ROM file for you.

Click on the download button above to start downloading this app. If you are able to play your favorite game using this Android emulator, let us know, comment below and let us know.

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