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Downloader and personal browser is a browser that is different for its security and user privacy so it is so secure that you can’t even take screenshots with your phone while you use it.

When you download a file, you may want to keep it to yourself. With this application you can download different types of files. Download as many as you want to go at once. Download videos to a hidden folder within the app or view them in your Media Gallery so you can share them or move them to another device. Downloader for Android and Private Browser Enjoy more privacy than ever before with this helpful app covering all your bases without considering your download requirements.

Protect your files in a private, password-protected folder, and easily protect other files on your phone. These will be filed in different folders depending on the type of video, image, music, document, etc. Some applications like downloader and personal browser Kipvid.

The best part of downloaders and personal browsers is when you have a website where a video is accessed in it. The app will recognize it and let you download it directly to your phone’s memory. The app works for a wide variety of different types of files. Mask your IPT and hide your location for truly private browsing. Application Media Player – Stream media files without the app. Made for online and offline use. File Formats – Each large media file supports codecs and containers. Supports MP3, M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, Doc, XLS, PDF, TSTS and other popular file extensions.

Downloader and Personal Browser is a powerful browser. If you want to know more about downloaders and personal browsers you can see Support Center in Mirma For more information.

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