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As a parent raising a child, I made an application called ‘Don't cry my baby’, to help other parents.
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Gerald Shin
June 22, 2018
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As a parent making a child human, I made an appeal to help other parents called ‘Don’t Cry My Baby’.

– It mainly has five (5) features

First, it sounds white. Months For babies less than a month old, they fall asleep easily when they hear their mother’s heartbeat, water droplets, the sound of brushing clothes, etc.
So, it is equipped with a function to play a maximum of three (3) sounds (you can choose from white (12) sounds, which are like the mother’s inner environment, such as TV sound, cleaner sound, heart beat, vinyl bag, etc.) at the same time. . (For your information, turning on the music with TV sound, water droplets and heartbeat has worked great for my baby)

Second, it’s Lori. This app is equipped with the most well-known twelve (12) lullabies (English songs, classics, music boxes, etc.). It has a function of recording and playing lullabies in the voice of mother / father.
The low-pitched father’s voice is better transmitted to the fetus, as it responds much better than the mother’s voice. It is known that it also helps in the development of the baby’s brain. (For your information, I recorded five (5) children’s songs and turned them on when my wife was at work. She later told me that it responded quite well to my voice.)

Third, it is a baby toy. Babies cry for up to 100 days. Parents try almost every possible way to calm the child. Usually, playing with a whistle or whistling toy can stop the baby from crying.
So I did a function of four baby toys (rattle, duck toy, whistle). (For your information, it works great with this toy function whenever we drive, or when a baby starts to cry)

The fourth option is the sound of animals / vehicles / musical instruments. Babies learn to like animal sounds after 6 months of age.
So, I bought a sound book for my baby, but it was too heavy and too big. So, I created an application and put the file in it.
Turn on the sound of animals / vehicles / musical instruments using your smart phone. ^^ (My son can easily concentrate on music whenever I drive)

The fifth option is to watch children’s videos. This function enables us to link to videos from the YouTube and Never Kids sites, which our kids love.
We tried to create with some popular words, to avoid searching and every time we want to get access to certain music on the cellular phone.

1. It is possible to play music up to three (3) different words at the same time by choosing from twelve (12) beautiful words.
2. Made with twelve (12) music including English lullabies, classic lullabies, organ (music box)
Mother. It is possible to record the mother or father’s lollipop
4. It is possible to send recorded files and share them with your family
5. It is possible to add a music file that your child likes to a lullaby list
A. A selected lullaby or a parent’s lullaby can be heard continuously
7. Multiple sounds can be heard (for example, lullabies and white sounds at the same time), or it is possible to choose the time of play you like.
8. There are 4 different rattle options. (It shakes left and right for about 3 ~ 5 seconds)
9. It is possible to watch children’s videos through YouTube or “NAVER Kids” site.

This will help us improve our application. Leave your comments after using our app, or ask if there are any specific functions you would like to see.

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