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Supports WiFi, mobile connection, Ethernet and IPv6
Highly customizable, lots of features
Brazilian and German translations
Scroll down for a full list of features

This application uses the permission of the device administrator.
It is in no way used to prevent uninstallation just by the user. No system settings are modified.

Adjusting the DNS servers used on your device while using your WiFi is fairly easy, providing no option to change the DNS servers used when using Android mobile connection (2G / 3G / 4G etc.).
This application creates a VPN connection locally (no data will leave your phone using this VPN connection) You need to use your configured DNS server on both your window and device network without the original permission.
Both IPv4 and IPv6 are usable, a feature that is not supported on many phones (even Android does not offer the IPv6 DNS configuration in your WiFi settings).


➤ Almost everything can be configured
Resource Good asset management
Battery has no effect on battery life
RAM Almost no RAM was accepted
Fast and reliable
Easy to use
Root works without root
W Supports WiFi and mobile networks (2G / 3G / 4G)
Boot Start the boot feature
Get started when connecting to the 3G 3G / WiFi feature
Configure IP IPv4 and IPv6
V IPv6 can be disabled
Primary Use primary and secondary servers
অবশ্যই Secondary servers are not required (leave field blank)
Set the app as Device Administrator to prevent uninstallation
Create a shortcut on your home screen to quickly change your DNS server
Select from a list of pre-compiled servers
Own Add your own entry to it
Applications may be excluded from using DNS servers
Enter your own DNS server
Task Support (Action Plugin)
Ad-free and no tracking inside the app
➤ Material design
➤ Apps and notifications can be secured via PIN
Select different selectable themes (default, mono, dark)
Applications may be excluded from running DNS servers
Can be started / stopped with QuickSettings (tiles in the top notification menu)
➤ Open source
Updated frequently
Deb is easily debugable, thanks to internal logging (you must be able to and nothing was sent automatically)

If you like this app, please consider setting it up in the store.
Feel free to contact me if you have any problems [email protected] (German and English)
Sourcecode is publicly available at git.frostnerd.com/PublicAndroidApps/DnsChanger

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