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You can save your tabibit with a smart dhikar app designed as a real tasbeeh counter that looks like a ring. You can use the mobile ghir app for Allah (CC), the name of Salat-Tefrisi and Salah Tesbihat. The Tasbeeh app will record all your insults. If you close the app, the number of insults will not be deleted. When you restart the application, the bad number will appear on the screen. Press your button to pulse the number.

By pressing the save button you can save your rights as the number, date and name of the victim. You don’t have to check the screen, because the digital tasbeeh counter app will alert you to vibration. The digital tasbeeh counter basically has three buttons: counter button, saving button and pulse button.

You can adjust the vibrations or colors from the buttons at the top of the screen. In addition to saving battery, you can use the app in night mode. It’s free and you won’t see any ads during the day.

Special mention

You even close the application, you do not loosen the number of dhik until you press the pulse button.

You can save all your insults, including names and dates.

You can customize digital tasbeeh counters with themes.

The app will save energy with the night mode option.

Vib You can check the screen with vibration (you can turn off the vibration).

Name You can check your former insults by name, date and number.

What’s new?

The feature of persistence.

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