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Decoder is a Mobile coding IDE (compiler for mobile), Where one can code and learn algorithms using mobile programming. Made to enhance your coding skills through code compilation and algorithm solutions. Now learn the code anytime anytime.

Choose any or all languages ​​to work with:

D. C : Learn C programming, a powerful general purpose language.
D. C ++ : Compiler of GCC.3.3
D. Java : Best Java Programming Ideas, JDK8
D. Python : Learn Python 2.7 and Python 3.
5. C # : Mono Compiler 4
.. PHP : PHP Interpreter 7.0
7. Purpose c : GCC Compiler
8. Ruby : Ruby Version 1.9
9. Lua : Lua Interpreter 5.2
10. JS / NodeJS : Node.JS Engine 6.5
11. To go : Go Lang 1.6

12. VB.net
13. F #
14. Common lisp
15. And
16. Schola
17. Pearl
18. Pascal
19. Swift
20. TCL
21, Prologue
22. At the rally
23. Haskell
24 Closure
25 Kotlin
26. Grovy
27. Plan
28. Rust
29. B fruit
31. CSS

Added Bonus: Docoder supports syntax highlighting using a rich text editor and is rich in the tools you need to provide you with all the edges you need as an IDE or code compiler.

It is The fastest code compiler (IDE), coding and programming app available for Android so far

Anyone can do this with Decoder:

Write a program / code in any one available 33+ programming languages.
Code And Debug View code, compilation results and errors at the same time on the same screen.
Enjoy the power and ease of coding in sublime text with your favorite code editor like Notepad ++ or compilation power, making it the equivalent of a powerful ID like Accept.
Test your problem-solving skills by solving challenges from the number of algorithm-based challenges found in the Algo E section.
Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby Programming, C Programming, Python and Java with many more programming languages.
Regardless of your coding skills, this app can help you learn and improve your coding skills when you are giving a boring lecture or whenever you feel like it.

Key features include:

1. Rich text editor with syntax highlight (code editor)
2. Line number, auto indent, autocomplete parenting.
3. Undo.
4. Open / save the file.
5. Custom Suggestion View.
6. Multiple language support.
Input for languages ​​like C. C, C ++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js and others.
. Active debug view for access to the output.
9. Perfectly designed algorithm problems to improve coding skills and prepare the programmer industry.
10. Leaderboards: Find out where you are in the wider Decoder community.
11. Custom menu drawers, custom code editor themes, editable font sizes for editors and much more!

Denial: Using an array of decoder cloud-based compilers to compile code and display output, it has helped bring the fastest and application size to এম 4MB, please do not downgrade or demand offline feature here which is not possible here. Instead of low ratings you can write us our problems here [email protected] This will help us better you.

Decoder is an online compiler, now run, compile and edit your code snippets on your own Android mobile device.

Start the journey to improve your skills.

How to solve the algorithm?

For a short video:

Join the Facebook group
For any assistance, decoder and challenge related questions and opt-in as a beta tester.

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What’s new?

Experience the complete overhaul of 2.0 with:
– Cloud storage
– Feeds from the decoder community
– Runtime input terminal
– Decoder coding keyboard
– Cross platform support and much more

What’s new:
– Feed error code notification
– Link shared file icon changed
– PHP output bug fix
– Android KitKat file file button is not fixed
– Fixes small bugs

If you like us, we support it with 5 star ratings. If you have any questions or feedback on Docoder 2.0, please let us know [email protected]

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