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Call blocker and caller ID number, the best app to detect and block unknown callers.
As a contact widget, call blocker and caller ID works like mobile phone number tracker, number locator and caller number identification tool. We can detect calls, track phone numbers, and even identify unknown callers to find the real caller and show you who’s calling – including caller location. The call blocker function, also called call blocker, is based on a huge database, we block unwanted calls from blacklisting numbers or your calls. The reserve phone number view function lets you search for any number or name, track phone number. Call Blocker and Caller ID allow you to make phone calls to apps like Dialer. The call log shows your recent calls, such as who called you, missed calls, and no answer calls. The most important key call blocker and caller ID is the best free android phone app. From now on, you will have the most enjoyable looking True Caller.
Call Blocker and Caller ID Features:
Find the true collar
– Caller Identification and Number Identification – Find out in real time who is calling, regardless of reserve phone number or unknown number. Block Number Function and Caller ID Mobile Number Locator Function shows caller name and caller location and acts as mobile number tracker. Remove Truecaller by installing Call Blocker and Caller ID. You will find it the best free call blocker and phone number tracker.
– Call Blacklist – Block numbers, unwanted calls and contacts by adding calls to the blocklist. When these calls blacklist numbers call you, we automatically detect unknown callers, unknown numbers, unwanted calls, and block numbers for you, called call blocks or call blacklists.
Call Complete Call Blocker and Caller ID Information –
– True call blocker and caller ID name, photo, birthday, SMS, social information etc. through this mobile number tracker.
কল Call caller and caller ID location tracker
– Now free yourself from unknown callers calling from unknown location, call blocker and caller ID helps you to track phone number with location tracker.
Mes themes
– Lots of amazing themes available in Call Blocker and Caller ID. You can now personalize the way you view your call blocker and caller ID.
Wid contact widget
– Quick access to save unknown numbers or no calls from missed calls, full call or no answer call from call log back
★ True call blocker and caller ID and location:
You can now easily see who is calling with the Call Blocker and Caller ID app and identify unknown incoming calls, track phone numbers, block numbers.
Ia dialer
– Call the app directly. Now it is really up to you to block your dialer number.
Phone reserve phone number look
– Search for any number or name in any effective way. Works like a caller trace app.
তালিকা Collection list
– Mark special contacts in the collection list. Get quick access to phone calls and block calls.
– View all call history in recent calls. Complete incoming and outgoing calls, including missed calls, with no answer calls. As a mobile number locator, the caller’s name and caller’s location are shown in detail. Call Block Function aka Call Blacklist – Call Blocker blocks unwanted calls. These call logs will also be displayed. And there are no unknown numbers.
Don’t bother disturb
– Set a start time and end time, calls will be blocked during this time. Under call blocker and caller ID protection. From now on you can have a comfortable night.
SMS blocker
– No worries about spam messages that are stored with the blocker. Block text messages by adding to SMS blocker and block calls.
Call Blocker and Caller ID do not upload your phonebook to make your contact names searchable. We do not sell or share data with any third party applications and / or organizations.
If you encounter any problems please do not give us a bad rating. Your feedback always keeps us up to date with more and more great features.

What’s new?

1. Improvement on Spanish.
2. Some bugs have been fixed.

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