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Fight brave soldiers around the world on the battlefield of the crazy multiplayer battlefield of World War II or become Sergeant Wright and enjoy the journey of a dramatic, life-changing single player after a D-Day attack.

Climb army ranks in multiplayer
> 4 maps to master and enjoy.
> 2 gameplay modes starting: Free for everyone and Team Deathmatch Free
> Unlock game-changing parks by playing with each weapon class!
> A soldier is as deadly as his weapon. Be sure to upgrade as soon as you can!

Experience unique single-player squad-based combat
> Use your brothers to gain strategic advantage!
> Assign them various skills: Air Strike, Molotov, Rocket Blast, Mortar Fire and many more.
> Unlock new friends. Upgrade them to seasoned soldiers: loss output, skill colddown, HP pool, AOE loss of skill and more!

Dive into the acceleration action gameplay
> Smooth cover-based third party action with free movement.
> Different types of missions such as Assault, Sniper, Siege and Stealth.
> Impressive Kilcom zoom.

Choose your preferred weapon
> Unlock new weapons and turn them into the ultimate arsenal with fire rate, recovery, reload speed or clip-size upgrades!
> Discover the game-changing power of experimental weapons!
> Destructive destruction with their cooling power: triple or infinite bullets, electric discharge and much more!

Take a look at the visual effects
> Stunning indoor and outdoor settings.
> Variety of weather and time of day.
> Console-like graphics for the AAA gaming experience.

Win great prizes at special events
> Ladder Challenge: Missions gradually increase the difficulty for better rewards.
> Limited time events with exclusive drops.

Get information very important in your privacy
Take advantage of a smartwatch companion app with multiple features!
Claim Reward Rewards, sign up for events, check out weapons information and much more!
Skin Enjoy great skin animations!
Motor is available for Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Sony Smartwatch 3, Asus Zenwatch and Samsung SM-R382.


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