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Brain Trainer app to make your brain exercise faster for short-term memory, concentration, focus, speed and accuracy.
It has 15 types of brain training games-
– Quick search brain training.
– Mathematical brain training.
– Focus brain training.
– Color vs. brain
– Memory power training
– Left brain vs. right brain
– Remember the faces
– Concentration
– Quick decision
– Grid Memory Challenge
– Shruti Smriti
– Word Memory Challenge
– Density plus

1) Multitasking skills: –

Increase your brain’s multitasking ability by playing it Q questions will appear on 2 panels at once. You need to get the goal score to finish your level by eliminating 3 chances in any panel and in 1 minute .. Try to get maximum score for each level ..

2) Quick search skills:

Improve your brain search skills by playing it Keep the number of balls from high to low within the time limit. 5 seconds penalty for each wrong click.

3) Mathematical Skills: Quickly add and subtract numbers to the balloon solver.

4) Focus skills:
Increase your focus by controlling your attention. The number will appear faster. Do not tap the hold number but tap the screen after each number.

5) Color vs. brain
The color list will be displayed for a few seconds and the colors need to be changed, remember the colors with full concentration before resizing

6) Memory power
Just remember the objects displaying for a few seconds and re-enter them in the same order.
This practice challenges you memory

7) Left vs. Right Brain
Balance of left and right brain is very important, playing this game will train your brain in balanced activities.

If you are not satisfied with your result, play this game for 5-10 minutes every day. You can see better results.

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