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Boost Clean is a fast, small and secure Android Optimizer, Speed ​​Booster, RAM Booster, Battery Saver, Game Booster, CPU Cooler, Cache Cleaner, Trash Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, APP File Remover and Application ManagerAre you always frustrated by the following issues?
Your device is always lagging behind and always freezing.
Your device needs to be overheated and cooled.
Your device’s battery is rapidly depleting.
Your device is out of space.

Boost clean, Speed ​​Booster and Junk Cleaner, the super app you need!

Boost clean The smallest and fastest phone cleaner on the market. It is small with apk size only 1MB; It can completely clean the memory trash and increase the speed of the phone up to 60% and make the speed last longer; Also, it safely cleans junk files, APP files, cache files to increase the available space. Super booster and cleaner to master your phone !!

Boost Clean Highlights:

Powerful memory boost feature
One tap boost, just 1 tap
CPU cooler
Game helper
Battery saver
Junk APL file clean
Small and fast
Easy to use
High efficiency

Powerful memory boost feature
Boost Clean uses apps that use high memory and stops them to improve performance by more than 60% like a powerful phone! When you see your phone idle, just use the Powerful Boost feature to speed it up, apps will hibernate once memory / RAM is cleared, and stubborn apps are hard to restart. Then the phone is faster and the battery lasts longer.

One tap boost, just 1 tap !!
For easy use, 1 Tap Boost Shortcut is created. It is convenient for you to speed up your phone with 1 tip. The speed and performance of the phone is greatly improved by tapping the shortcut more times. Also, when your phone’s memory / RAM usage is high, it will notify you to increase the speed of your phone with one tap.

CPU cooler
Applications running from the background always give the phone extra heat. Simply cool your device with a CPU cooler, it uses up your CPU more and finds and stops the apps from causing the phone to overheat.

Game helper
Before you launch games, use the Powerful Boost feature or use a Tap Boost feature to release memory from other apps, it will improve your speed by 30% +!

Battery saver
If you find that your phone’s battery is rapidly depleting due to auto-start applications, or low power and it’s not convenient to charge at the moment, just open Boost clean To improve and clean these hungry hungry apps, the apps will hibernate and save the phone’s battery power. The best way to save energy !!

Junk APL file clean
You can see that your device lacks space to install a new device, Boost clean, Trash and Junk Cleaner can help clear cache, apk and residual junk files to reclaim storage. Specifically, it will notify you to clear the APK files after installing the application and to clear the remaining trash files after uninstalling. This super cleaner feature is really effective for apps and games with large space usage.

What’s new?

1. Update the one-talk boost feature.
2. Update some user interfaces.
3. Add privacy policy page.

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