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The Blons TD Battles is a game that has been created as a spin off of the famous game Blons Money City. In the case of the Blancos TD Battles the battle will be against the mighty General. The aim of the game was to build the city by conquering territories with defensive towers. In the Battle of Bladon TD players will still have their warrior monkeys but the focus of the game is now on hitting the levels.

The Bloons TD Battles app is now even more fun with new additions like killer balloons. Players must send these deadly balloons to the enemy and then enjoy how the enemies will find it impossible to defeat them. The game begins with a split screen where each player will receive an equal amount of money, a killer balloon, a level of life as well as a uniform game board.

Players must place their monkeys on the battlefield and then use the money they save to attack enemies. Players need to measure the power for each balloon because the higher levels don’t take much longer to damage enemies. Attacks will be carried out by sending their balloons before destroying enemies and attacking their territory. If a balloon is destroyed, it means a life according to 1 balloon.

Key features of the Blood TD War:

Below are some amazing key features of the Blood TD Battles.

  • Two-to-Head Blows TD for 2 players on custom-made battle tracks with 22 Monkey Towers as they each have their own 8 amazing upgrades.
  • Bloodon TD Battle is available to play for 4 different modes players. The first is ‘Assault Mode’ where players manage their tough defenses and then send their blows directly against their enemies. ‘Defensive mode’ allows players to increase their earnings and then surpass a challenger with their best defense. ‘Battle Arena Mode’ is one where players will throw their medals at an Assault game of higher bet for a Challenge where the winners will take it all. Lastly the card fights two where users have to choose the perfect tower deck and blank cards as well as overpower enemies.
  • The Blood TD Battles encourages two; ‘Monkey Tower Boost’ which supercharges the monkey towers for quick attacks in a limited time and ‘Blow Boost’ to strengthen the blun to charge enemies in assault mode ‘. Play through the game to unlock 16 different successes.

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