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Blons Money City is a game that brings together classic construction games to build cities together with tower defense games. The game is a mixture of strategy and simulation where the protagonist is the monkey. Players will help these monkeys build civilization from scratch and then defend against any threat from the enemy.

Building for defense

Each building in Blanes Money City has its own purpose as the most successful cabin. These cabins will probably make defensive weapons. These weapons can be improved to make the defense stronger than before.

Money can only be made on the battlefield, but players need to plant trees as well as collect crops for home improvement.

Increase energy with each project

As players come up with new construction projects, there will also be improved city attack attacks. Players can choose from 100+ different types of towers to develop the city they think is appropriate. The game is not limited to a single region. Players can explore new areas where they can find stronger times to help defend the city in times of need.

Communicating with friends

Connect with your friends Facebook And game services help Joy to strengthen each other and expand cities. He started the cash bonus by sending each other supply carts.

See cities to see your friends’ strategies as well as their city building skills.

When going to a friend’s town, take a spy out of their city to reward not only yourself but your friend as well.

Demonstrate skills to everyone

Build yourself a lineup of monkey towers and then compete with other cities in the “Competitive Areas” event each strong week. Use the monkey to attack Player VS Player Blun to test which car defense is better and more fun. If you win, you will also get a prize.

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