Bkav Security – Antivirus Free APK Download for Android

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Top free security and antivirus
Block calls and SMS
Anti SMS spam
োজ Find my phone
Backup and restore (contacts, messages, call logs)
• Personal mode
Safe surfing
Privacy Advisor
Auto-detecting malicious applications related to its installation on your phone
Hide private content

Antivirus free

– Scans for malware, spyware and trojans
– Provides real-time protection from malicious software, scans every application downloaded and installed to make sure it’s safe
– Bikav Mobile Security’s cloud computing technology ensures timely updates of virus samples
– Auto-detect malicious applications after installing it on your phone
– Supports daily and weekly scheduled scans

Premium features

Get a free trial of all features of Bikav Mobile Security Professional within 30 days. When your trial expires, the software will automatically return to the free version. There is no need to pay for a free trial.

Call and SMS block, anti SMS spam

– The software is equipped with smart filters, which automatically block up to 100% of SMS spam. Also, Smart Filter automatically blocks missed fraudulent calls from satellite phones and other “normal looking” numbers. Users can block feature calls and SMS by number or by keywords in SMS content

Privacy mode

– You can set up a mode that blocks all evening calls from numbers that are not in your contacts; This mode can be applied for weekdays or weekly holidays. Also, you can use this mode during a meeting


– Detects your lost or stolen phone. Smartphones are running after Android 4.0.0, you need to turn on GPS to use this feature.
– Remove remote phone locks and data in emergency locks (an arrowed smartphone users in the middle of the system bar contact the Bikav Contact Center to get timely support).
– Detects SIM card changes, if the thief puts another SIM card in your phone, you will get a new phone number.
– An alarm sounds even when your phone is in silent mode.

Find my phone

– All you need to do is send a message to identify the coordinates of your stolen or lost phone
– Visit website mobile.bkav.com, enter coordinates to find the current location of your stolen phone on the map

Backup and restore

– Securely back up contacts, messages, call logs to bKav Cloud or SD card
– Recover your data in a quick and easy way.
– Provides online access to your data from any computer, any phone and anywhere.

Privacy Advisor

– Scans and encourages applications that can access your sensitive data such as contacts, SMS, phone location, etc.
– Software that tries to connect to the Internet, such software scans and encourages receiving a large amount of 3G / 2G network traffic.
Specifically, detects and removes hearing apps on your mobile.

Hide private content

1. Personal SMS
2. Personal calls
3. Personal contact list
4. Personal photos and videos
5. App Locker
6. Personal documents
7. Personal notes
8. Backup and restore personal content

Optimization and cleaning

– Deeply clean up all memory issues, temporary running apps, temporary files / folders during their operation while being produced by the application or OS and optimize to increase the functionality of your smartphone.

This application uses accessibility services.

What’s new?

– The interface is fine
– Hide personal content from gallery Add photos, videos

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