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Create your personal cartoon avatar with the BitMozi app with personalized stickers. You can easily create artistic backgrounds using this application. Users can easily send memes to friends and family to add fun to your chats.

Integrated with Snapchat, this app is perfect for you if you are a huge fan Snapchat. Only when not integrated with it Keyboard Keyboard application You’ll find your Bitmoji stickers at your fingertips, just tap and share your Avatar Oriented stickers at the click of a button.

Creating your cartoon avatar with Bitmoji app

The main or sole purpose of this application is to allow you to customize or create your own personal avatar. The mobile app is a companion to the widely used cartoon platform Beatstrips. Once you download and install the app by clicking the download button above, you will be greeted with a sign-in screen.

You can log in to BitMoji using Snapchat or Email ID. Once you come to the application, it will ask you to choose your gender, skin type and hair style. You can further modify your avatar by changing the hairstyle, face shape, skin tone, nose type and eye color as well as changing different outfits.

Once the avatar is over, the app automatically creates various bitstrips, ranging from romantic to silly and playful, with your avatar being the main character. You can then use this image to communicate in Gmail, Slack, Snapchat or Messenger.

The BitMozi application interface is simple considering its limited usage. It gives you a bottom toolbar with buttons like sticker, avatar, fashion, keyboard and march. The March tab gives you the option to buy T-shirts printed in their avatars.

Any chat or social interaction application that supports emoticon format will allow you to use this avatar. You will notice a floating bitmoji head at the top of your chat window. Please rate the application and let us know what you think about it by commenting below.

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