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Tap 1 to extend your battery life!
If you don’t want to pay for other battery savers or battery doctor apps or night mode, try this free app.

Terms of use
1. Automatically, simply enable it.
2. The notification bar shows the battery percentage.
3. Quick WiFi / Data / Bluetooth switch.
4. White list of apps for streaming apps.

How it works
1. Disable WiFi and data connection automatically after you turn off your screen (with a delay of 15 ~ 20 seconds).
2. Genius Sync, allow the app to sync every 15 minutes, but save the battery
3. Silent sleep. Disable data network and WiFi connections while you’re asleep. Sleep time can be adjusted as per your choice.
4. Low battery policy. When the battery runs out, it disables the data network and WiFi when you don’t use your phone.

Feel free to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible.
To help us translate this app into your native language, please sign up at: / project / battery-defender
Battery Defender is a trademark of IN INFOLIFE LLC

#INFOLIFE, make your life easier!

What’s new?

# Fix bugs

# Android 5.0 and then fix the white battery icon in the status bar bug

# Add a charge lock screen feature, which can kill tasks for faster charging. You can turn the settings page on / off.
# Bug Bug.

#Fix FC bugs for lollipops

# Add confirmation before launching Defender for the first time

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