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Batman: Arkham Origins is an investigative / brawl game where you’ll scan crime scenes and fight hand-to-hand enemies. You play the role of Bruce Wayne’s Secret Capped Crusader. You have expended stamina by engaging in constant fighting and you must fill the stamina with your initial level Weintech points.

The story of the game takes you back to 2009 where you started with a more flashy version of Batman. For those who have played Arkham Asylum This version of Batman will train you Batman in a more powerful way. The way Batman uses his high tech gadgets to map crime scenes is an investigative scene and the best part of the game is esome.

Gameplay Batman: Arkham Origins

When Batman arrives at the murder scene, players will have to scan multiple proofs of what happened to create a virtualized version of what happened. But what you are doing is really looking for enlightened indicators in the eyes of the detective. It is part of many other systems that make the game interesting and fun.

The Dark Knight system focuses more on combat tactics and taking down enemies. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Or end the stealth encounter without ever being seen. The system is not invasive and serves as a set of passive objectives that unlock as soon as XP points are cleared.

Every fight judges your performance and grades you. And the related scoring system feels like trying to take care of how players fight and get immersed in goals. By hacking the security console you need to unlock travel points in each section of the map. And the boss battles will give you a completely different and immersive experience of the game.

So if you are a Batman fan then download this game for you now by clicking on the download button above for you. And check it out while you’re here Justice League game E.g. Let us know if you liked the game by commenting and rating below.

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