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Automated It is designed to make your life easier by automating various tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Define a set of behaviors you like in response to events on your Android device.
Each behavior / rule is defined as the trigger-action listed below.

Automatite provides you with a default set of rules to get you started:
Low battery alert
Quiet at night
Normal sound mode in the morning
Maximum volume when the headset is plugged in
Hair volume when the headset is plugged in
Mute via SMS

• Any SMS Trigger – Receive triggers in SMS
SMS with Text Text Trigger – Trigger for receiving SMS messages with specific text
Battery level trigger – A defined battery level trigger
Bluetooth state enabled / disabled
Bluetooth device connected – any device or specific device
Oming Incoming / Hang Call – Any call or specific contact
Headset plugged / unplugged trigger
Tr location trigger – reach / exit a defined area
Ternal external power connected / disconnected
Screen on / off
• Wi-Fi enabled / disabled
Connected to a Wi-Fi network – any network or a specific network
• Time Trigger – Recurring time event
• Convert GPS enabled – GPS enabled / disabled and current location detected / turned off
From Contact to SMS
USB connected / disconnected trigger
• Aircraft mode enabled / disabled
Ock Dock State Trigger – Dock on the car / desk
Application Status Triggers – Triggers when activating or deactivating selected applications
Going Outgoing Call – All calls or specific contact calls
Sound mode has changed to Silent / Vibrate / Normal
Boot trigger – Trigger at device startup (assumes service starts at boot)
Manual Trigger – Users of this trigger need explicit editing
ID Cell ID Trigger – Trigger when connected or disconnected from the defined cellular cell
. NFC Trigger – Use the NFC tag to start the rule
Weather Trigger – Monitor the weather in your location
Mobile data state trigger
Recognition of Rec Act – An experimental trigger that detects you while you are driving, cycling, standing or standing.

Ification Notifications – Displays notifications in the notification bar
Play S Sound – plays selected words
Bluetooth Set Bluetooth state – enabled / disabled
Ound Sound Mode Set – Silent / Vibration / Normal (with / without vibration)
Speaker Set the status of the speakerphone – on / off
Set Vol Vol – Sets the volume of all streams or a specific stream
Set Wi-Fi adapter status – Enabled / Disabled
শুরু Start the application
Enable / Disable other rules
Ib vibration action
Enable / Disable Data Connection – [NOT supported on some devices – see why on developer website]Kill the application [Requires Root – see why on developer website]Turn on the Home screen
Enable / disable Air flight mode [Supported for Android version prior to 4.2 and all rooted devices]Enable / Disable GPS [Supported for Android version prior to 2.3 and all rooted devices]Enable / Disable Sync
Mobile Set mobile data – enable / disable mobile data
Screen Set the brightness of the screen – automatic or fixed values
Enable / Disable screen automatic rotation
Phone Dial the phone number
Phone Send SMS to phone number
Screen Screen Timeout (with “Never Close”)
Ut shutdown device [Requires Root]থেকে Speech to text – Say the defined text
B Reboot [Requires Root]Wallpaper Set Wallpaper – Set your home screen wallpaper

Want to automate with your own language? See
Supports English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Danish, French, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Chinese, Hungarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Russian

What’s new?

Set the notification bar icon to display only when the notification bar is dragged
• Bug fixes

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Join our group of beta users at

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