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Auto CPU Cooler Master is a professional temperature monitoring and controlling app. It uses heavy resources and CPUs to detect and shut down applications and services that keep your phone cool. No need to worry about heat issues with your device. Keep your device performance optimal and enjoy multitasking with ease and comfort. This is in a perfect way. It stops the app running in the background to free up RAM and cools your phone, optimizing its speed and extending battery life.
Real controls the temperature in real time
Over detects applications that overheat and kills them
Over analyzes CPU usage to determine the cause of overheating
CP is an easy tap to reduce CPU usage and cool your phone
Phone prevents the temperature of the phone from rising
Why is my phone device overheating?
Running too many applications in the background at the same time can cause your device to overheat. High phone temperatures affect the performance of the phone. It detects applications with high CPU usage and shuts them down to cool your phone.
How does it work?
It is designed to monitor your phone’s CPU usage and to detect applications with high CPU usage so you can turn them off
Why is my phone so hot?
It’s normal for your phone to get hot when you’re using complex apps, watching video clips, or recharging. In this case, cool and ventilate your phone somewhere and the temperature will drop soon.

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