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Asana is a cloud-based project management tool. The application allows users to work together in a flexible personal or professional team within an organization via the web or mobile phone. It helps teams oversee, track and manage projects or tasks for work on a tool. It is designed to be an alternative to e-mail for communication or work collaboration.

How easy it works

Asana enables you to plan your work. Share details and combine tasks. The app helps you keep track. You can use the timeline to set your plan. This allows you to enter a list of all project steps as a task. You can also collaborate with partners and contractors or retailers using Asana. You can delete data from it and export it easily.

Asana allows different companies to connect all the employees of a company in one place based on the shared email domain of that one company. Single account users can easily join multiple organizations or workspaces to collaborate with different groups of users. Companies can determine their own numbers, projects or jobs. Their employees can easily communicate about tasks using this application. Or you can use Slack To collaborate with your team.

Team management with seats

You can create teams to manage your projects, then work together with shared conversations and calendars with teammates. Each team works separately in the seat. They can design projects, delegate responsibilities to their teammates, and give them set dates or deadlines. They can also control the team’s privacy settings.

This application is mostly used by companies, industries or firms of different sizes. It can be used for free for up to 15 people at once. If you want premium features in your workplace or you want to increase the number of members, you can get the option to upgrade it by looking at the pricing information you can see for more details Seat website.

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