Armed Heist: TPS 3D Sniper shooting gun games 1.1.42 APK Direct APK Download

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While working in Armed Hist – an action-packed third-person shooter game that pumps your heart out! Check your reflection as you cheer on your bank robbery spray. Snatching banks and armored trucks is never more exciting because you avoid flying bullets.

Looking for a great bank robbery third person shooter game? Welcome to the right place to tackle more than 70 bank shooting challenges of the best TPS games online!
Your mission: Become a ruthless thug and master of bank robbery! Always shoot first person, otherwise you will end up six feet below.

Killer Game Features:
Customizable weapon system – Create the wildest, modest guns you can ever imagine! Pistols, shotguns, snipers and assault rifles! Get your arsenal as deadly as possible for the next bank robbery!

Fix it with action-packed sights, suppressors, grips, barrels, stocks and killer skins! All of this will affect the effectiveness of your weapon.

3D Crime Map – A dynamic working database of short protection banks and armored trucks Crime map, lets you pick and choose what you want to pull today!

Dynamic scenarios – Get ready for the thrill! No bank’s shooting challenge has ever played the same way in this TPS online shooting game. Each single scenario will be different depending on your movement and gun skill.

Boost your character – Create your own ruthless bank robber! Want to be a killer clown? X Special Forces? Badnas could be a gangster? Earn skin, masks, bulletproof vests and great clothing. High-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay make this third-person shooter an action-packed shootout!

Armed Hist Online is one of the most intense third person shooter games. Unlike FPS games (first person shooter games), where you see everything in the barrel of your gun, in TPS games (third person shooter games) the camera revolves around your character in an active and dynamic way, so that you feel like you are robbing a bank. Burning bullets!
Hold your gear. You got a job.

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