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Free smart applock Enable privacy protection by helping to lock your apps with passwords, patterns or fingerprints. The best app lock enhances app security in addition to the regular lock function of Android.
Protect your apps, prevent kids or other people From deleting the app or purchasing the app. Important Note:
This application uses the permission of the device administrator.
The application uses this permission for the “Prevent uninstallation” feature. When you turn on this feature (from the app’s left menu), you will be prompted to ask before deciding to enable the device administrator’s permission. However you can cancel the application permission does not want to allow.

This perfect app lock can hide photos and videos in a secure vault. Your images and other media will disappear from the gallery, only you can open and view them.

Smart App Locker can protect your phone by locking all apps:
* Lock system application (Settings, Google Play, Calls, Messages, Email) Helps protect your privacy and no one can look after your staff.
* Lock OTT, messages and social applications Such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Lines, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat … protects personal information on your phone.
* Lock Lock Provisioning Apps Add a second layer of protection for your financial applications, such as Android Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, E-Wallet and Mobile Banking, to ensure your personal security, so that no intruder can access your sensitive money accounts.
* Lock other applications: All other apps running on your Android phone or tablet can be locked with App Lock.

Outstanding Features:
* Lock application supports screen with three different modes: pattern lock, password lock and fingerprint lock.
+ Pattern lock: Provide pattern lock screen with many beautiful themes.
+ Password lock: Set an additional secure application passcode that is different from the password on a normal lock screen. Keypad lock screen with passcode.
+ Fingerprint lock: Works on fingerprint lock screen support on devices Fingerprint password helps to lock the app in a more convenient way.
* Lots of themes Help decorate the beautiful lock screen.
* Photo Locker: Helps hide your images, automatically removes photos from the gallery and saves them in the Gallery Lock Vault.
* Video lock: Creates a secure video vault to hide, encrypt, and secure private videos. This will hide your photos and videos and make it safe and convenient for you to play again in the Safe Gallery Vault.
* Schedule lock: Helps you set time and groups of applications and schedule your access in a specific order. For example, business-related applications such as email, calls, text messages, OTT, payment applications will be automatically locked in the evening.
* Kid lock: Protect your sensitive applications when giving your mobile to kids. Kids are being allowed to use certain apps (YouTube or games) without being allowed to unlock the whole app. Limit the time your kids spend on the phone by simply opening apps for a specific period of time. The Smart App Lock will lock the screen when the use period with the pattern lock screen or pin lock screen is over.

1. How to set a password for the first time: Open Applock -> Draw Image -> Confirm Pattern or Open Applock -> Enter PIN -> Confirm PIN.
2) How to protect apps on my phone: Users should lock at least your settings and Google Play to remove your apps.
3. Turn off Applock and remove Applock: You must have a password to remove the App Lock app, if you forget the password you can reset the password via registered email when installing Applock.
4. Protect your personal photos when moving apps: Before moving an app, you need to click the unlock option to return images and videos from Gallery Vault to your normal gallery.

Download the app lock with fingerprint and advanced features now to enable your best security guard.

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