ANIO watch APK Download

ANIO watch APK Download
To use this app is a ANIO GPS Smart Phone Watch needed for children of ANIO GmbH!

ANIO is the smart kids watch of the 21st century for all those who for their own mobile phone but are big enough to discover the world still too small! The free ANIO app for Android provides secure meter accurate location of the child and the uncomplicated direct communication between parent and child.
The ANIO Smart Phone Watch can be controlled very easily on the wrist of her child. The clock operates independently and requires only a prepaid SIM card with Micro data volume of a phone company of your choice. There are no additional monthly subscription or service costs by ANIO GmbH! Controlled and set the clock on this free ANIO Android app on his parents’ Smart Phone is.
all the functions described above, the app can be easily controlled.

The app provides the following functions:

It can be called depending on the model up to 10 different phone numbers.

The clock automatically begins to select up to 3 stored in the APP emergency numbers by pressing the SOS button. At the same time meter exact position of the watch will be sent to these numbers.

The ANIO can locate meter accuracy thanks to the built-in GPS transmitter. If the GPS function because of shadowing is not available the position by bearing to the next cell towers to a few hundred meters is accurately determined.

Unable to receive SMS messages from stored in the app phone numbers.

Voice message can be sent and received.

Here About a safe area for your child can be set and they are immediately notified if the child should leave this set radius (as 1000m to the parental home).

Control of various health parameters (distance, calories burned, sleep patterns).

Time with date and day of week

Alarm, notification if clock is stored.

To use all the functions of ANIO use you only need a paid prepaid SIM card of any mobile provider with data volume. There are no additional monthly subscription or service costs by ANIO GmbH!

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