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Agri birds are fun, puzzle game based on destruction and revenge that birds will take from pigs for stealing eggs. You play the game from the point of view of the Angry Bird and you have to bring your eggs back from the green pig. The fate of the Angry Birds is at stake. He became one to avenge the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. With the unique power of each bird, the pigs destroy their defenses.

Play with this game, through challenging and a few hours of physical gameplay. Additionally, each level of Angry Bird just needs a bit of skill logic and balls to solve it. You need to drag and tap your finger on the screen to launch the bird from the giant slingshot. The purpose is to break the structures and destroy the monkeys and pigs hiding in and inside them. At the beginning of the game the structures are less complex and can be easily broken. As the game progresses various materials such as ice, wood and rock strengthen the structure. Which makes the game interesting and tough.

But don’t worry because your bird also has certain abilities to reduce strong structures. Each type of bird has different lethal moves. For example, the yellow bird flies through the air like a rocket and the round blackbird acts like an exploding cannonball to cause heavy damage. And if you fail to land the pigs, don’t worry. Players can retry as many times as they want without penalty, leaving them free to experiment with different strategies.

The game features hours of challenging physics-based gameplay and replay quality. Solving each level requires logic, skill and strength. If you get stuck in the game, you can buy Mighty Eagle! Mighty-eagles purchase applications over time in Angry Birds that offer unlimited use.


Some of the basic features are as follows

  • 15 unique and original episodes with 680+ levels
  • Enter ‘Mighty League’ and compete against other users.
  • ‘Power compromises’ to increase the power of your bird.
  • Play even offline.

There are 150 levels in total and 3 stars in each level. A single star will open the next level but all 3 will give you an extra bonus. The game continues to be very addictive for new users. If you want to know more about Angry Birds you can go Rovio Help Center For more information. There are some games like Angry Birds Fruit ninja, Temple Run, Minecraft: Pocket Version Demo, Angry Birds Action !, Angry Birds, Dan the Man, White Do not tap the toilet and Jetpack Joyride. If you want to write a review, install this app and rate our website. The download is hassle free because our speed is fast and we offer direct links to all the free available versions of Angry Birds.

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