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The All-in-One Calculator is a free, lightweight, clean and easy calculator and unit converter pack.
Featuring more than 50 calculators and unit converters packed with a scientific calculator with 40 vibrant color themes, this is the only math app you will need on your device from now on.
It’s a free calculator great for school and homework, but not only that. If you are a scholar, student, teacher. Manufacturer, Handman, Contractor, etc … And all you need is a tool for your device, try it. You will never be disappointed.
FeaturesMore than 50 calculators and unit converters
• General / scientific calculator layout
Ib 40 Vibrant Color Themes Themes
ইতিহাস Calculator history
160 160 Currency converter with currency, available offline
Input supports mathematical formulas as input
Ant instant results
G Integrated Search
Quick favorite list for quick access
Tablet support
All features are freeLanguage: English

Complete list of all calculators and unit converters
Cent percent calculator
Ortion Ratio Calculator
Verage Average Calculator – arithmetic, geometric and harmonious way
Equation Solver – Linear, quadrilateral and equation system.
B combination and order
Decimal in raction fraction
Fraction simplifier
Atest is the greatest common element and the least common multiple calculator
Random number generator

Square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, rhombus, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, circle, arc arc
Ube Cube, a volume calculator for mastering. Prism, square pyramid, square pyramid frustration, trapezoidal footing, cylinder, cone, cone frustration, sphere, round cap, round frustration, elliptical.
• Right triangle calculator
• Heron’s formula (solve a triangle by knowing the side lengths)
Ircle Circle Solver

Unit converter
Cele acceleration converter
Conver angle converter
Length converter
• Energy converter
Force converter
যে That changes the torque
• Region converter ter
Volume converter
Volumetric flow converter
Converter weight converter
Temperature converter
Conver pressure converter
• Power converter
Ed speed converter
Ile mileage converter
• Time converter
Digital storage converter
Transfer Data transfer speed converter
• Number based converter
• Roman number converter
Oe shoe size converter
Ing ring size converter
• Cooking converter
16 161 Currency converter with currency is available offline
. VAT calculator
Ip tip calculator
. Calculator
Cost electricity cost calculator
The cost of the smoking calculator

Body Mass Index – BMI
Burn daily calories
শতাংশ Body fat percentage

আইন Ohm’s Law Calculator – Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power
Ed speed / distance / time
Yl Cylinder Force Calculator
Istance Resistance Calculator
Ens density calculator

La time spent calculator

What’s new?

Version 1.3
Address Slow application
Added option to easily invite friends
Bug fixes / various improvements

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