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This alarm clock does what others don’t – it really wakes you up! ★★ Alarm clocks are meant to do a job – and wake you up. But our minds are in a state where we either snooze or just turn off the alarm and go to sleep. Our brains are at the lowest level during sleep.

This app is sure to get you up !! How and what to do – it basically shows you a simple mathematical puzzle that can usually be solved very quickly with the level of intelligence but you know our mind is in a state where even a simple mathematical puzzle will make sure that you solve it yourself Wake up in the sense.


– Beautiful time display.
Interface The interface is easy to use.
Alar Alarm is a great collection of music.
Volume Crescendo – Mild alarm volume ramp up.
Ur repeats and multiple alarms.
Alar Custom labels for alarms.
P Enter the captcha to solve the puzzle or to snooze or dismiss the alarm.
Every random puzzle or captcha with each alarm.
Repeat the alarm any day of the week.
Sn snooze options for limitations and the time of progressively shorter snooze.
► Beautifully designed stopwatch and timer

This is an app to download! Go for it!

For help: [email protected]

What’s new?

Bug fix.
Increase performance.

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