3D Effect- 3D Camera, 3D Photo Editor & 3D Glasses APK Direct APK Download

3D Effect is the easiest application to capture 3D photos or add 3D effects to photos.

It’s a 3D editor app for its simple simplicity that includes easy to add 3D art by adjusting your 3D effects as well as 3D filters. This 3D editor app allows users to create 3D wallpapers as well as import them from your gallery. The app also has a unique 3D camera that helps you see your 3D application right now.

This app has 2 modes that allow you to maximize your 3D photo editor and take great 3D art.

1. Normal Mode 3D Camera – Using Normal Mode, you can take photos and selfies with 3D art and 3D filter effects. You can see the 3D filter being applied to your photos in real time

2. RAD mode – RAD mode allows you to import photos and apply 3D art to them.
When using any of the 3D editor modes, you can create a rainbow effect by:

1. Adjust the direction of your 3D effect – you can adjust it to go left or right, diagonal or up or down. It can help you achieve 3D glasses effect which is a great 3D wallpaper for your phone.

2. Adjusting the distance between image effects – This 3D photo editor feature will present a great 3D image, allowing users to view photos the way they wore 3D glasses.

3. Choosing the right color combination – This 3D photo editor app has a variety of filters with different color combinations that give you 3D glasses effects and a variety of rainbow effects.

There is no other app that works more like a real 3D camera than a 3D effect app. You can easily take 3D photos to create 3D wallpapers or post them on social media without any hassle. Try the popular rainbow effect for an added uniqueness. What are you waiting for Download the 3D Editor app now!

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