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I am 58 and my vision is far from perfect. I have a finger in my hand – not a matchstick, so I made this keyboard for myself. If you are under 35 and have no vision problems, please do not install. You will need it later. But it will probably be a better life for your parents now. Eugene Satnikov, 1C wearable

This ergonomic keyboard for Android makes 100% screen of your phone indispensable for large keys on small screen devices and for fat fingers (100% is not an ad slogan: it is literally 100%) allows you to swipe up to switch to 100% display mode.
This large keyboard saves your vision and reduces eye strain.
Larger keyboard keys are easier to hit – less type.
This large keyboard layout is easy to learn for Android – it’s a QWERTY keyboard that is smartly compressed into extra large keyboards, making it ideal for large hands.

Multiple typing with 1C large keyboard:

English keyboard
Deutsche Welle (German keyboard)
Clavier French (French keyboard)
Teklado Espaol (Spanish keyboard)
Italian Italian (Italian keyboard)
(Russian keyboard)
пернетақта (Kazakh keyboard)
Dansk Tastatur (Danish keyboard)
Netherlands Tottenbird (Netherlands keyboard)
srpska serbian (store keyboard)
Sovenska Tangentbird (Swedish keyboard)
Teklado Portuguese (Portuguese keyboard)
(Korean keyboard)
ceská klávesnice (Czech keyboard)
Polsky Klaweturi (Polish keyboard)
türkçe klavye (Turkish keyboard)
অনুসন্ধান клавіатура (search keyboard)
(electronic keyboard)
শ клавиатура (Bashkir keyboard)
клавиатура (Tatar keyboard)
Litvos Clavitera (beautiful keyboard)
Latvian Tastatara (Height Keyboard)
Magyar BillionaireJet (Loss Keyboard)
Esti Claviaturi (Turkish keyboard)
Azerbaijani Claviatura (Azerbaijan keyboard)
tlarkmen klawiatura (Turkmen keyboard)
(Tajik keyboard)
Testaturi Romance (Romantic Keyboard)
(Area keyboard)
(residential keyboard)
ыргыз клавиатура (Kyrgyz keyboard)
Urdu keyboard (Urdu keyboard)
(Greek keyboard)
พิมพ์ ภาษา (Thai keyboard)
(Hebrew keyboard)
لوحة المفاتيح العربية (Arabic keyboard)
Hindi keyboard (Hindi keyboard)
Gujarati keyboard (Gujarati keyboard)
(仮 名) (Japanese keyboard)
キ ー ボ ー
漢字 (Kunomi)
(繁體) (Chinese keyboard)
(简体) 倉 頡 “
中文 (繁體)
中文 (简体)

What’s new?

Bug fixing.

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