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জীবন নিয়ে স্ট্যাটাস APK Download

জীবন নিয়ে স্ট্যাটাস APK Download

Status about life From this app you will get the status of all kinds of happiness and sorrow in your life. You will find funny and difficult quote captions. I hope you enjoy the app. You will also get the words of the mental pain again.

– Sometimes it’s hard to believe.
– I’m the only single among all my friends.

– No matter what the quarrel at home.
– The word of my mobile tipper will come.

– I’m so innocent.?
– Stay, you won’t believe the whole thing!- Things I can’t stand.
– You have to face those unbearably painful things again and again.

It would be good to be born a robot.
There would be no mind, there would be no feelings.

– It’s a good reason to be alone.
– Loneliness never betrays faith.

– I was fine too.
– If I was born a little selfish.

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