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Детские песни для малышей. Бесплатно! APK download

Детские песни для малышей. Бесплатно! APK download
Children’s songs are the largest catalog! It works without the Internet! Is free!
Once again, I’ll repeat the application completely free, as I did for my daughter.

It looks like a children’s phone with songs, pictures from cartoons are shown on the screen, a child himself without parents can understand what song it is and turn it on.

The game has a function to speed up the song, the songs begin to sing in a thin voice, my daughter laughs, the child is happy – parents are happy too! Children’s songs develop a child, cheer him up! Like boys and girls!

You can sing songs like karaoke for children. Just sing along to the music, plus there are lyrics.

The largest catalog of songs from Soviet cartoons, they are filled with kindness, warmth and smiles of that time.

Songs for children:
– The Bremen Town Musicians
– Cheburashka
– Chunga Changa
– Lullaby of the Bear
– Crocodile Song Genes
– Red Riding Hood
– Mammoth
– Dance of little ducks
– The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree
– In the grass Grasshopper sat
– Blue carriage
– Two happy geese
– Antoshka
– Lion cub and turtle
– Cat Leopold
– Thirty three cows
– Tired toys are sleeping
and many others.

Once again, all the songs from the cartoons are free!

There are also songs about the new year, Santa Claus, winter.

The game has a function for the text from the cartoon, when you click on the icon the lyrics will appear.

Children’s songs for babies will cheer you up and your child!

In our collection we collect the most famous songs from Soviet cartoons and movies for children. These songs are filled with kindness and care!

A song is a poetic musical piece. The song should have verses and choruses. And when they perform a song, the text should lie on the music and be one. Both older and younger sing a song, with a musical instrument and just like that, the main thing is that the song is a pleasure to sing.

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