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"Working Time Account" is the further development of the app "Worktime recording".
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April 22, 2021
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“Working Time Account” is a further development of the “Work Time Recording” app.
It is used to record and prepare your personal work and leisure time.
A number of workstations can be managed so that old data is not deleted when changing jobs or when performing parallel tasks / projects separately.

A daily, weekly, monthly and yearly view is available for viewing on a mobile phone, which can also be defined as the corresponding standard view.

You can create a widget for each workstation to stamp and unstamp your work time.

In addition to being displayed on your screen, you can create weekly, monthly, or yearly reports as PDF or CSV files. The generated report can be sent by email or messenger or transferred to a printer app.

Two shift models available.

– Subshift
The working day is divided into 1-x working time blocks.
For each block, core time, break time, location and other flat-rate values ​​can be preset.
All defined shifts are listed in the day view, the value of which can be changed daily if needed.
This shift model is suitable for all those who regularly work in several small shifts, such as in the catering or nursing sector.

– Full transfer or alternative transfer
There is a shift in working days, periodic change times.
A template can be created for each shift, where default time, break time, work location, and flat-rate values ​​are defaulted.
In the daytime view, only one shift will appear, for which selects can be selected from templates relevant to this day.
This shift model is suitable for all those who usually work only one shift during the day, those who work in alternate shifts, such as early, late and night shifts or in different projects, for several customers etc.

In addition to these shifts, daily shifts can be added as needed. It is useful, for example, to enter the full shift model halfway through the holidays or to record a 25% inability to work.

Absences and appearances can be deleted, added or adjusted according to your own needs.

A simple management of your vacation is also included.
You enter your entitlement for the annual holiday and the remaining holiday at the beginning of the recording in the settings and the app shows the current status of your holiday in the view of the year at any time.
The remaining leave of the previous year is taken to the new year and may be taken up to a principal date,
The default setting is March 31, will be broken. All the days that were not reduced to the cut-off date are over. This deadline can be set for each year.
You can overwrite the calculated holiday entitlement.

A data backup has been included as another important function.
This function creates daily backups at the touch of a button and stores them wherever you want.
Data can also be recovered at the touch of a button.
You can also transfer your data to another device.

The open source version of “PDFjet” ( is used to create PDF files.

– Those who have helped me with error reporting, advice and criticism
– and Dr. Web for human pictures
– Team “Code-Troopers” for your project “BetterPickers”

Necessary rights.
– Write files to save reports and database backups

This app does not display ads and does not collect your data.

Please note that I am not responsible for the correct functionality of the software or the time it takes to login / calculate.

Contact me in case of errors or other oddities, I will find a solution. There is still time for a bad assessment.

What's new

Version 2.02.09
∙ Incorrect interpretation of entered minute values corrected.
∙ Retain values when changing presence or absence if both have the same effect on target or actual times.

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