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Classic blocks meet Sudoku in this addictive evolution puzzle! This is a simple but challenging puzzle game that will get you down to it.

These are eliminated by combining wooden blocks to form lines and squares. Clear the board and break your own high score record.


X 9×9 Chess Board. Sudoku is familiar to all players, removing wooden blocks on a 9×9 grid to create lines and squares.
Various wooden blocks of different sizes. Use tricks to destroy blocks of small cubes on the boards and put nothing on the board.
Challenging goals. Never stop challenging yourself – try to break your highest score, or compete with friends.
✔ Multiple hits. Make yourself a master of the game by deleting multiple elements in one step.
✔ Earn more points by removing elements in several steps to pull the combo.
Unique process. The purpose of Uduku 99 is to create the perfect combination of sudoku and wood puzzle games.
Ic addiction game operation. You can play when you get bored or if you want to train your brain anytime, anywhere.

How to master Uduku is 99

The Uduku 99 Wooden Block Puzzle game is easy to get started but full of challenges! Players must use their logical thinking to place blocks of different sizes in the right shape. It requires strategy to make decisions. In one step, you can decide whether the player gets the highest trophy or finishes the whole game!

Uduku 99 is a free, classic and challenging game! You can use Uduku 99 Wooden Block Puzzle Game to improve your thinking and increase your IQ! Download Uduku 99 Wooden Block Puzzle Game and share it with your friends and family. Challenge them with your score record and see if they can beat your score!

Why play this game?

The Uduku 99 Sliding Puzzle is designed for people who want to relax their brain and at the same time develop their brain power. It has different ratios and complexities, as well as simple but addictive game operations. Whether it’s fatigue or frustration, a few rounds of the Ouduku 99 Sliding Puzzle can cheer you up and relax you.

Uduku 99 Puzzle Games for men and women of all ages! Entertain yourself with Uduku 99 Wooden Puzzle Games! You can play Uduku 99 puzzle games while waiting for coffee or waiting in line. You can also play Uduku 99 Block Puzzle game offline! You can play anytime, anywhere!

Playing Uduku will be addictive to 99 wooden block puzzle games! Keep challenging yourself to get higher scores! Playing Uduku 99 block puzzle games can be time saving! Breaking your own record is not easy. But hard work is fun! Adjust your strategy and keep working hard!
If you like wooden puzzles and elimination games or block hexa puzzles, Uduco 99 is the right choice for you. Immerse yourself in this brain game and get rid of everyday worries and negative bad thoughts. You won’t be bothered! Use a relaxing and challenging Uduku 99 game to express stress or train your brain anytime, anywhere!

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