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WiFi Connection Manager is the best Wi-Fi scanner, manager and connector for Android.

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Note: Devices before Android 2.3 will no longer be supported.
Legacy devices can download the app: roamingsoft.com/android/WifiManagerLegacy.apk
1. Supportable AP (Access Points) SSID with special characters, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Unicode and so on.
2. Display saved network password. (Device needs to be rooted)
3. Troubleshoot device Wi-Fi.
4. Instant connection. Once connected, start the connection once. The system is way faster than the built-in Wi-Fi scanner.
Static IP settings support. Auto switch between different APs.
Available. Switch between available networks to resolve network conflict issues.
7. Connect / connect to specific hidden SSID network (depending on device and network condition).
. Manual ad network with special support for EAP / LAP encrypted networks.
9. Convenient to browse multiple results, pause scan.
10. More detailed network information, network bandwidth, channels and network type.
11. Automatically detect web authentication.
12. Backup / restore saved networks.
13. Connect / share Wi-Fi network with QR code.
14. Network connection priority.
15. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) support for Android 4.0 or higher devices.
16. Automatic switch between saved networks when the signal is not ideal
17. Wi-Fi Tether (Wi-Fi Hotspot) support.
About required permissions:
The camera is connected to the Wi-Fi network via QR code.
Phone and Internet for Google’s AdMob plug-in.
The storage location is for backup and restore the restored network.

What’s new?

v1.6.3 Changelog
1. Add an option to avoid networks with weak signals.
2. Android 7.1.1 support.
3. Add the ability to grant full access to networks not connected by the application. (Basic requirement)

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